Permanent make up

Permanent Make Up for a permanently stunning look

Permanent Make Up is the ideal solution for women who want to convince with their appearance at any time. Thanks to this popular method, you will always be perfectly made up, whether early in the morning or late in the evening.

In the Noble Nails & Beauty House we therefore not only take care of your nails, but also of your eyebrows and lips. With the help of permanent make-up we help you to achieve a beautiful look that perfectly suits you.

Thus you are optically well prepared for every situation in life and every situation in everyday life. Since your unique and breathtaking look also strengthens your inner self, Permanent Make Up is the optimal beauty solution for the modern woman!

Permanent Make Up für einen dauerhaft atemberaubenden Look
Ein Permanent Make Up das genau zu Ihnen und Ihrer Persönlichkeit passt

A Permanent Make Up that fits you and your personality

Although we always use the same method for our make-up treatments, we have a great deal of leeway in the execution and adaptation. Therefore, there is not just one permanent make-up, but a variety of different looks, which are always precisely adapted to the individual person. Because only in this way you will feel really comfortable, beautiful and self-confident with your make-up.

For this reason we discuss your ideas together before we start the treatment. In this way we create an individual look that emphasizes your advantages and gives your face not only more freshness and color, but also a radiant expression.

Therefore, we are happy to advise you and look forward to your permanent make-up at the Noble Nails GmbH in Zug!

Perfectly curved eyebrows, radiant eyes and breathtaking lips

Through professional permanent make-up we not only make your face look more symmetrical, but also more beautiful. For this purpose we take care of your lips, but also your eyebrows. Thus we give your eyebrows a permanently attractive appearance with the help of effective and simple, as well as pleasant solutions.

In this course we also take care of the eyeliner, because we offer a permanent solution for this as well. We emphasize your eyes and make them shine by applying an eyelid line to the upper and lower eyelid. Thanks to Permanent Make Up, you no longer have to worry about your eyebrows and eyeliner every day, but always leave the house perfectly styled.

But your lips will not go empty-handed with our permanent make-up treatment. Using the most modern methods, we create a unique look that does not need to be blurred or reapplied. No matter how intense your everyday life is; our solution remains smudge-proof and kiss-proof. At the same time, you benefit from ideal lip contours and shades at all times, perfecting your appearance.

Perfekt geschwungene Augenbrauen, strahlende Augen und atemberaubende Lippen