A harmonious permanent make up underlines your advantages and gives your face freshness, expressivenes and color. Wheter just in everyday life or after an operation.


Uniform, perfectly curved eyebrows emphasize our eyes and make our face look move symmetrical and beautiful. However, many women have deep eyebrows or uneven shape brows. This crates disturbing asymmetries or inharmonic. Eyebrows that are too light or completely missing – often caused by years of incorrect plucking – make the eyes appear expressionless. In both cases, eyebrow permanent make up offers a simple and effective solution that gives you a permanently more attractive look. 


For a beautiful face, not only symmetrical curved eyebrows are crucial, but also expressive eyes. Many women have eyelashes that are too short or too light, lilacs or eyes that are too small. As a result, they often appear expressionless, inconspicuous and tired. In order to feel fresh and beautiful, women use eyeliner and mascara every day. This is tedious, likes to blur and can hardly withstand sporting activities or wet weather. It is also a real art to draw the perfect eyeliner. A permanent solution for bright, stressed eyes is a permanent make up eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelid. 


The lipstick was invented by the Frenchman Guerlain around 180 years ago. But the Egyptians already colored their lps in 3,500 BC. Even today, a sensual and full mouth makes a woman visibly more attractive, which is why lip liners and lipsticks are in great demand around the world. Both cosmetics help to correct pale and narrow, irregular or crooked lips as well as frayed and broken lip contours. The problematik: the make up is quickly blurred, after every meal, drink or kiss you have to put on make up. The permanent make up for the lips offers a permanent, smudge-proof and kiss-proof solution – both the lip contour and shading.


A state-of-the-art technical equipment is the prerequisite for ensuring painless treatment with the highest precision. Compliance with the hygiene guidelines as well as clean and precise work is a matter of course for us.