Natural Nail Enhancement

Professional nail reinforcement for permanently beautiful fingernails

A nail reinforcement can do more than just pay off! Because in everyday life your nails are often subjected to heavy wear. Not only during physically strenuous or demanding activities, but also in the heat of battle, your nails can break or be damaged quickly.

This usually not only looks bad, but is also very unpleasant. Especially if you have naturally weak or brittle nails, you are particularly susceptible to this.

For healthy nails

Therefore we offer you with our natural nail reinforcement the ideal solution for these problems! Just drop in at our cosmetic studio in Zug and book a professional nail reinforcement.

Thanks to years of experience, we know exactly how to enhance your nails not only optically but also practically.

Professionelle Nagelverstärkung

The advantages of nail reinforcement for you at a glance

With a natural nail reinforcement we strengthen your nails with a special organic gel. This protects your nails against the most different environmental influences and lasts for a long time. Especially with brittle or cracking nails, nail reinforcement is therefore basically obligatory.

Because the natural nail reinforcement in our cosmetic studio in Zug not only contributes to an increasing attractiveness of your fingernails, but also has some other great advantages.


Die Vorteile einer Nagelverstärkung
Schützen Sie Ihre Nägel mit einer Naturnagelverstärkung

Protected in everyday life

Especially when you put a lot of strain on your nails and do a lot of different things in your everyday life, there is a great danger that your nails will break.

Therefore, protect your nails with a natural nail reinforcement against exactly these dangers. Torn nails often hurt and have negative health consequences. Because if it comes to an expansion of the tear, it comes in the worst case to a break of the nail bed.

This in turn leads to a long and painful healing process with the risk of infection. That is why it makes sense to protect your nails with nail reinforcement not only for optical reasons, but also for practical and health reasons.

The best way to do this is to make an appointment with us directly!

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