Professional nail modelling

Your nail modelling with bio-gel and acrylic for unique nails

Often the look goes quite fast on the hands and thus also on the nails of the people. Unclean nails frighten many people, while pretty nails make interesting.

In addition, even such small details as fingernails make them very attractive to the person opposite, but also make the wearer feel more confident. For this reason, nail modeling is an ideal way to make your fingernails a real eye-catcher.

Acryl or Gel

In our cosmetic studio in Zug we offer you both types of nail modeling. Because here we distinguish between gel nails and acrylic nails. We will be happy to advise you personally in our nail studio so that you get exactly the treatment you want.

Ihre Nagelmodellage mit Bio-Gel und Acryl für einzigartige Nägel

Chic gel nails make your hands sparkle in everyday life

For gel nails we use organic gel in our cosmetic studio. Here your fingernails are covered with the gel, which then hardens under a UV lamp. Afterwards your nails will sparkle in all everyday situations. In addition, the nails are made elastic and relatively fast. We offer you the variants with tips and stencils.

When modelling nails with tips, we stick special plastic nails onto the natural nails and then cover them with our high-quality bio-gel. For nail modelling with the help of templates, we do not use the so-called tips.

Instead, we apply a template to the natural nail. The gel nail is then modelled on this. This stencil is then removed again immediately after the short hardening phase.

Schicke Gelnägel lassen Ihre Hände im Alltag funkeln
Hübsche Acrylnägel für maximale Schönheit und Stabilität

Pretty acrylic nails for maximum beauty and stability

For acrylic nails, we mix liquid acrylic with acrylic powder, from which a stable material is created, which makes it easy to extend or strengthen the natural nail.

Also with acrylic nails we like to work with the so-called tips, but we can also use the templates. While gel nails only harden under a lamp, acrylic nails basically need some time and some air.

In addition, acrylic nails are somewhat thinner and more natural, but still somewhat more resistant than gel nails.

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