Nail Refill

Fill in nails in the cosmetic studio in Zug

If you have booked a nail modeling with us, you should also deal with the nail filling. Because under the keyword Refill, i.e. filling up the nail, the gaps between the natural nail and the gel layer are professionally filled.

Because after we have applied bio-gel or acrylic in the course of the nail modeling, your natural nail will of course grow slowly. This leads to the formation of gaps, which not only look unsightly, but also lead to instability of the gel nail.

To ensure that your nails continue to look optimal and remain stable in everyday life even under stress, you can have your nails filled up.


Nagel auffüllen
Preise Nagelverstärkung

Price – Nail Refill

CHF 115.00

CHF 125.00

CHF 120.00

Nail repair CHF 20.00
Nail repair new replacement CHF 30.00

From every forth week a new set will be charged.

Prices are subject to change.

Make an appointment directly for the filling of your nails in our cosmetic studio in Zug.

Pleasant treatment for filling up the nail

As you are used to in the Noble Nails & Beauty House cosmetic studio in Zug, we guarantee you a relaxed and pleasant treatment even when filling up your nails.

We remove about seventy percent of the outgrown modelage and rebuild it again. You also have the possibility of changing the design, so that your nails can always look different.

Angenehme Behandlung beim Nagel auffüllen
Nägel auffüllen

Time for optimal stability

In about three to five weeks after the nail modellage you should make an appointment with us for filling your nails. This will not only ensure the ideal appearance, but also the optimal stability of your nails.

After five weeks, the instability of your nails will continue to increase, so that unfortunately even the slightest inattention can cause your nails to break. This is usually not only very unsightly and painful, but can also damage the natural nail underneath.

Therefore, it is best to think about a follow-up appointment to fill the nail directly during nail modelling. This way you won’t forget it and you are guaranteed to get an appointment that fits into your diary.

Therefore we are looking forward to offer you a pleasant treatment not only during the nail modeling but also during the subsequent filling of your nails!

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