Eyelashes Extension

Professional eyelash extension for maximum aesthetics

Beautiful eyes are usually the very first and most impressive contact between two people. In a fraction of a second, the course is set for the future. Nobody wants to risk this decisive moment.

Therefore, you certainly also devote enough attention to just your eyes every morning with a lot of care. With clever make-up, eyelash curlers and mascara, you emphasize your natural beauty. But this takes time every day. Especially the eyelashes play a decisive role for the overall effect of your look.

In our cosmetic studio Noble Nails & Beauty House in beautiful Zug, we offer you the perfect solution with eyelash extensions.

No more time-consuming smoothing, mascara and eyelash torture.


Professionelle Haarentfernung für maximale Ästhetik
Kosten Haarentfernung

Prices – Eyelashes Extension

New Set                                                    CHF  180.00                                  

Refill up to 3 weeks                                 CHF  100.00

Refill up to 4 weeks                                 CHF  120.00

A new set has to be done after more than 4 weeks

Removal of artificial eyelashes              CHF     30.00 

Prices are subject to change.

Make an appointment directly for professional eyelash extension in our cosmetic studio in Zug.

What is eyelash extension?

During eyelash extensions, artificial eyelashes (lashes) are glued onto each of your natural eyelashes using a single technique. Of course, this is done with a gentle special glue, which is no longer visible after it dries and which leaves no residue. These artificial eyelashes come in different lengths and different bends to perfectly match your natural expression.

The most important thing? You yourself!

Before we even begin, we first sit down for a detailed consultation. Because the condition of your natural eyelashes is important. They should not be damaged in any way. Furthermore, an eyelash extension is of course also a question of type. Together we will find your suitable look, talk about costs and follow-up costs, explain the care for the new eyelash extensions and much more.

Haarentfernung in Zug
Professionelle Haarentfernung mit überzeugenden Ergebnissen

How does an eyelash extension procedure work?

Plan some time for an eyelash extension. For a new installation you should calculate an ample, better two hours. Your facial skin will be partially covered with a template.

Because only hair is glued on hair, the treatment itself is completely painless.
You will have your eyes closed practically the whole time.

That is why contact lens wearers should not put their contact lenses in when they come to the appointment.

Worth knowing

The connection of the lashes with your eyelashes is permanent and waterproof after 48 hours.

However, a person naturally loses three to five lashes per day. Consequently, over time, this will cause you to lose your extensions.

Therefore, it makes sense to have refill appointments every three to four weeks to replace the ones that have fallen out.
If you have further questions on the subject, do not be afraid to contact our experts.