Care instructions

Care instructions after a permanent make-up treatment

Permanent make-up has a very colour-intensive and unnatural effect for the first (approx. 3-4) days. This is the result directly after the treatment. As soon as the skin has healed, the colour scab (the crust) comes off. This means that the excess, unnatural-looking colour is repelled.

All treatments are carried out under the strictest hygiene regulations. Please remember that the treated area is an open wound. Even if it doesn’t feel open because it doesn’t hurt or wet – the pigmented area is susceptible to infection once the crust has come off.

My recommendation is not to cover the freshly pigmented areas for a week / 7 days with make-up, concealer, lipstick or similar (risk of infection). During the healing phase an incrustation develops on the pigmentation. Under no circumstances may this be removed or scraped off without authorisation.

To ensure the best possible result, the following points are important for proper care (10 days)

  • Solarium and sunbathing
  • Avoid sports (sweating) or strong sunlight
  • Swimming pool and saunas (14 days at the earliest)
Pflegehinweise nach einer Permanent Make up Behandlung


After the pigmentation of the lips, a crust is formed, which will be removed after 3-4 days. After the crust is removed, the lip colour appears dull and not really pronounced. The actual colour result becomes visible after about a week. The colour development is different for each skin type and the final result is visible when the colour pigments are mixed with your skin pigments.

After pigmentation, only use the cream (wound and healing ointment) recommended by me to keep the skin soft until the crust is removed. Do not use lipstick or lip gloss as long as the healing process is not completely complete. After that I recommend a good lip care stick, which you should use several times a day, as the lips will be extremely dry after the treatment. For sensitive skin types, I recommend cooling off several times a day in the evening after the treatment that the lips might swell (Cold Pack Mini).

Carriers of the Herpes Simplex virus can, under unfavourable circumstances, expect an outbreak after lip pigmentation. You should start with the after-treatment of a suitable product (e.g. Aviral, Spirularin HS etc.) immediately after pigmentation.

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