Hair Removal

Professional hair removal for maximum aesthetics

Often small hairs on the most different parts of the body disturb us. While hair removal at home is usually very unpleasant and annoying, we offer you a relaxed and pleasant as well as professional hair removal in our cosmetic studio in the beautiful Zug.

Here we not only take care of the hair removal on your legs, but also on almost all other parts of the body. You will find a comprehensive overview of our hair removal service in Zug.

Please have a look at the various possibilities and offers in detail and book your appointment for a professional hair removal in our cosmetic studio!


Professionelle Haarentfernung für maximale Ästhetik
Kosten Haarentfernung

Prices – Hair Removal

Entire Legs
CHF 100.00

Entire Legs with Bikini line
CHF 130.00

1/2 Legs with Knee
CHF 60.00

1/2 Legs with Knee/Bikini line
CHF 100.00

Under arms
CHF 40.00

Entire Legs with Bikini line/under arms
CHF 170.00

Full arms
CHF 50.00

Bikini line
CHF 50.00

XXX Brazilian
From CHF 85.00 onwards depending on time spent.

Prices are subject to change.

Make an appointment directly for a professional hair removal in our cosmetic studio in Zug. 

Hair removal in Zug

When it comes to professional hair removal, you should rely on real experts. With many years of experience we know exactly what is important for pleasant and successful treatments. Therefore, we offer you our professional hair removal in our modern cosmetic studio. You can look forward not only to convincing results and silky smooth skin, but also to a first-class treatment.

We not only take care of the removal of your hair from your whole legs or arms, but also under the armpits. We also offer various partial services, such as our hair removal of half legs with knees and, if desired, with bikini. We also offer a single professional hair removal for bikini. You can also have your hair removed together on your complete legs and armpits with bikini. Of course we also offer a

Haarentfernung in Zug
Professionelle Haarentfernung mit überzeugenden Ergebnissen

Your professional hair removal with convincing results

Our professional hair removal is not only more pleasant than conventional hair removal at home, but also leads to significantly better results. After the treatment in our cosmetic studio in Zug, you can enjoy silky smooth skin in the desired areas.

So please take the opportunity and ask directly for an appointment for your hair removal!