Your Wellness-Oasis in the heart of Zug

Noble Nails & beauty house

Launched in October 2007, Noble Nails has opened your „Wellness-Oasis“ in the heart of Zug, offering a high standard in service and delivering a unique nail bar experience.

Successfully, we continue to create amazing nails for our clients and at the same time keep offering the time out and the relaxation retreat which is much appreciated by our clients.

On the wave of „Nail Mania“ which had spread from Hollywood over New York, London, Zürich and finally to Zug, we opened the first OPI-Nail in Zug on the 1st of October 2007. Well groomed hands and nails are the Identity cards of a person and our feet need a special care, because they accompany your steps whole life long. In our Nail and beauty house, you provide your hands and feet with the attention they deserve.

Beauty Expertin Kosmetik

Hülya Cantekin

Nail Designer and CEO, who founded Noble Nails, Hulya Cantekin, the Nail Studio & Beauty House in Zug, in the year October 2007. For many years, with a lot of devotion and passion, she has always been striving for the well-being of her clients.

With my long-standing experience, I offer you treatments of high standards and quality.

Whether hand care and pedicure, natural nail lengthening, natural nail strengthening, Eyelashes-Extension and Permanent Make up, the art lies in the fulfillment and you can benefit from my professional consultation and high quality products

I am looking forward to welcoming you at Noble Nails & beauty house soon.

Hulya Cantekin